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Our Story

     Augusto and I always enjoyed cooking together for our families and trying out new things for each other to try.  About 13 years ago we were in the kitchen together and Augusto said, "Tracy try this new sauce I made".  It was very good.  Nice and creamy with a spicy kick!  Everyone who tasted it said, "you should bottle this".

     About seven years ago we entered a contest in Ft. Worth, Texas called the "Fiery Food Challenge".  We had no idea what we were doing or what our business name was at the time.  We slapped "Augusto's Green Sauce" on the label and entered the contest.  We won first place out of 834 contestants, for 3 years in a row!  Let's just say the "green sauce" business took off from there!!!

Thank you for your interest in Augusto's Green Sauce and our other products.  We look forward to hearing your suggestions and ideas on how you use the green sauce.




                                                                                                   Tracy Furr

                                                                                                  3 Time "Fiery Food Challenge" Winner

How Augusto's Green Sauce got its beginnings

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