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It's been a long road.........

Those of you who know me know that I have worked hard to get where I am today. I finally have a little time to breathe and get Augusto's on the map. I am very excited to enter into the digital age with a website and updated social media. I hope you decide to follow us on social media and check back regularly for new blog posts, updates, and upcoming events.

School is winding down and the summer is picking up for Augusto's Green Sauce. You can find us in Crest Stores in OKC, Tulsa Whole Foods and Reasor's. I am very excited to expand our distribution and get our products into your kitchen. My media adviser tells me I need to work on getting my recipes out to you and find more local events to attend. I am working on it, I am working on it :-)

As always, I hope you enjoy your green sauce, bloody mary mix, and pickled products as much as I love getting them in your kitchens! This is my first time to blog so, I technically don't know what I am doing but, I was told I needed to reach my audience on a personal goes nothin!

I would love to hear how you use Augusto's and Tracy's products in your own kitchen. Please send me recipes or videos. I would love to share them with the rest of our followers. For now, enjoy your Augusto's products. Stay inspired in the kitchen and have a Spicy Day!

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